online guitar lessons for beginnersAt first glance, this might sound like a crazy headline, but it is actually true. Music has long been used as a source of meditation for its calming abilities on the human body and mind. There is an entire science built around the idea that music has the power to heal the metaphysical. Audio therapy or music therapy has been used to help improve people’s motor skills, social skills, and emotional battles with depression.

The power of music can be used effectively when dealing with mediating two parties as well. Numerous studies have shown that people in a disagreement who are unwilling to work together are forced to play music together will begin to become more open to compromise. It’s believed that this result is partially due to the mood that music educes on its players, but it also has to do with the art of working together.

Similar to dancing, musical duets consist of pushes and pulls. Each player must be mindful of not only his part but also the part of the accompanying player. The attitude of helping each other in the musical ballad translates into real life as the players can begin to work out disagreements in new ways.

This is an interesting concept that you can try out in your own life or the lives of your patients. If none of them know how to play an instrument, you can suggest that they take lessons. A good instrument for beginners to learn is the guitar. Online guitar lessons for acoustic beginners can be extremely in expensive and very beneficial.

The guitar is an inexpensive instrument that can be purchased at any local guitar shop in your area. If you develop a relationship with the store, you might even be able to take group lessons with the other player. This type of bonding will help increase trust and willingness to do more than mediate the current struggles you are dealing with. You might even become close friends with this other person as you become beginner guitarists.

If you have no idea what kind of guitar to buy, you should just ask the store salesman. He should be able to tell you the difference between a Les Paul and a Strat. He should also tell you the importance of reading fender serial numbers mz correctly. This will allow you to judge how old the guitar is and what the approximate value is before you buy it. It’s always important to know that you are not being taken advantage of while you are trying to mitigate a problem in another area.

With all that being said, this is an extremely useful study that I think will show great results in conflict mediation and problem compromises. Do some more research on the power of musical therapy and be creative on how you can deploy some of these tactics in your own life or the lives of people around you. Who knows? Music might have the power to solve more problems than we think.

dentists who can fix your implantsResolving Conflicts at the Dentist

Every single one of us goes to the dentist at some point in our lives. Some go to them more than others; Some enjoy dentist visits and yearly updates while others hate going to the dentist. No matter what camp you fall into, you can almost guarantee that you will be headed to the doctor’s office at least some point in your life, and you need to keep in mind that you might not always agree with the prescription they give you, whether it be a diet, a workout routine, or a set of medications they want you to take. In this post, I want to go over some of the ways you can work to resolve conflicts that you may have with your local or dental office.

Surgeries Vs. Preventative Care

Now, depending on your particular situation, you may have more leeway to resolve conflicts with your dentists. For instance, how many times have we heard from our dentists that we need to floss more frequently? And how many of us do this? Not very many. This is a type of preventative care and these situations are much less serious than surgeries. They can often increase your well-being, but they’re not essential so they can be more easily avoided.

Surgeries on the other hand are very serious operations. Take the dental implant procedure for instance, (WebMD); this procedure is very expensive but can greatly lengthen the duration of your smile and prevent you from having to get dentures. You would be well advised to take your oral surgeon’s opinion on whether or not you have this surgery because finding affordable dental implants in Farmington, CT is a very tough job to do. But what happens if the doctor makes a mistake during the procedure?

Depending on the severity of the mistake, you may have a conflict resolution that needs to be solved, but this all depends on how well you took their advice to begin with. For instance, it can be even more difficult to find dental implant procedures in Royal Oak, MI. A lot of the time, you will assume risk in surgeries before undergoing them, so a certain amount of uncertainty is already built into the equation, but other times it is a problem with medical malfeasance.

But if you never took care of your teeth in the proper manner that the dentist originally told you, you might not even have a case to be resolved because the problem could have been caused by your negiligence. The important point to take away from all of this is to work under advisement from what your dentists tell you. This also goes for doctors too.

Be Open With Them

Lastly, it’s important to be open with your doctors. If a certain regime that they prescribe you isn’t working out, just let them know. The usually have a couple different plans just for this reason. They’re usually happy to work with you to make sure you are using the right plan and that you are getting the proper care that you need. Doctors, just like the people visiting them, don’t want any more conflicts than they need.

negative-situationMaking the Most from a Negative Situation

Sometimes when dealing with conflicts in our lives, we don’t have very many clear fixes to the situation at hand. What we’re left with instead is a set of choices that can make this less bad, bad, or worst, and usually it is navigating between these different decisions that can be the real challenge. In this post, I want to go over some ways that you can make the most of a bad situation.

We all go through it; we’re given a set of choices where none of them are very good, but we have to choose something, so how can we make the most these kinds of situations? Here are three concrete ways to help make the best out of bad situations.

Keep a Positive Attitude

There is definitely something to be said about keeping a positive attitude. Do you ever find yourself in the company of someone who is perpetually negative? Someone who is always complaining about other people and the people around them?

These people are the worst to be around because they not only drag themselves down in all of their negative talk, but they also drag down everyone around them. The number one thing to do in situations like this is avoid negative people. Instead of surrounding yourself by negative people, you should surround yourself by positive people. People who will lift you up and help you through your problems, not ones that complain about everything around them.

Doing What Needs to be Done

Another problem that people often face when they are faced with negative situations is procrastination. Go back to your time in college. You would get the news dropped on you that you have two term papers due and two midterms all in the same week, so what would you end up doing? Blowing all of them off until the last minute and then pulling two all nighters in a row to get something together in time for the deadline.

This is exactly what you need to avoid when you are faced with negative situations. You need to take care of what needs to be done and resolve the conflict that is going on. Nothing will make a problem worse than just pretending that it doesn’t exist.

Talking to the Parties Involved

If you are dealt a bad situation at work and you need to resolved a conflict between two employees, talk to the parties involved. As common sense as it seems, most people don’t even think to do this. They will either go over the other people’s heads to get an answer or just ignore it all together, neither of which is a good option. Going over people’s heads will only serve to create more problems because most of the time it fails to address what is truly going wrong. And if you combine this with the anger that will be created when the other person hears you went over their head, it will not go well. Always be sure to address personally, not in email or over the phone, address the parties involved personally for the best way to resolve conflicts.

conflict-resolutionControlling your Emotions During Conflict Resolutions

We all have trouble controlling out emotions every now and then. Sometimes we burst out into excitement, anger, or sadness without much being able to control ourselves, but today I want to talk about why it is important to get a handle on your emotions, especially when in circumstances of conflict and conflict resolution whether they be in the workplace or at home.

Think about that person at work who always wears their emotions on their sleeves. This person usually becomes universally disliked in the office because no one enjoys being around someone who is always at one extreme or the other. People want to be able to get some kind of stability or predictability from their interactions with other people and if you are always a ticking time bomb—either on the angry, sad, or excited side—people will start to disassociate with you.

Not only will this help you gain additional work relationships and help you with your colleagues, it will also help you resolve conflicts around the office. Think again about the person wearing their emotions on their sleeves. This person is the worst at dealing with tough issues or resolving conflicts around the office because they get so emotionally attached to their own position that they are unable to see it from anyone else’s angle.

By keeping a handle on your emotions you will be able to resolve conflicts around the office without losing your cool, by taking the pros and cons from both sides and weighing the evidence. This level-headedness will also likely attract attention from your bosses as you being an even keeled employee who is good at resolving problem, not creating them. This could get you a promotion or a raise of some sort.

And controlling your emotions is not only good your for professional life; it is also great for your personal life.

If you are able to control your emotions, you can prevent stress from driving your crazy. Or if you have a bad day at work, you can more easily forget that day once you come home for the night and not allow it to negatively affect you for the rest of your day and/or week.

It can also help you with your children. Just like it helped you resolve conflicts at work with your coworkers, you will be able to settle conflicts between your children. This will earn you their respect and you can teach them what is fair in how you decide to handle the situations.

The positive benefits of controlling your emotions are endless. Now don’t get the idea that we are saying don’t even express yourself. You will still occasionally get angry or sad or burst out with excitement. All of these are natural feelings. But the key in controlling your emotions is the ability to keep them from reaching extremes. If you can prevent your emotions from acting like a roller coaster, you can keep them from running our lives. And if you can keep your emotions from controlling your life, you can control it yourself.

divorce-mediationHow to deal with melancholy kids

Kids can be some of the biggest blessings for any parent on Earth. They can also be extremely confusing, especially once they hit the teenage years. In this post I’m going to go over a few ways to deal with melancholy kids who are being stubborn.

Now it’s perfectly normal for kids going through their teenage to go through a melancholy stage, and usually this stage in their life is where most of the conflicts between you and them will arise. Your kids may yell at you and even call you names, but it’s important for you to realize as a parent that they are just going through a stage. They don’t mean the things that they are saying and a lot of the times they are some things you can even do to avoid these situations.

Talk to them

When your kids starts acting a bit melancholy, you should try talking to them. Think about yourself in similar circumstances. When you’re sad, you generally just want someone to listen to. Kids don’t usually want to talk to their parents about their problems, but it’s important for you to communicate to them that you are there if they do want to talk. This way, you are telling that that they can talk to you if they want to but you also don’t seem as if you’re forcing them to talk to you.

Even if they don’t want to talk, offer to take them out for dinner or bowling. Kids love bowling, and this would really mean a lot to them to go bowling with their parents. But if they don’t want to go bowling with you, ask them if they’d like to go out bowling with some friends. And if they’re not quite 16, offer to bring them and their friends to the bowling alley.

Loosen up on them

Sometimes when kids get to this age, they just feel like they are being constricted by the rules at home. It can be a good idea in situations like this to loosen up some of the rules that you typically apply to them. For example, you could perhaps give them an extra hour curfew during the week or on the weekend. You could let them use the family car to go out with some friends.

And you don’t necessarily have to do these things flat out. You can make a deal with them. For example, tell them that they can stay out an extra two hours on the weekends if they keep their grades up. This can be a powerful tool that can help them maintain grades at a time in their lives where they might otherwise slip. And say that with this additional freedom comes more responsibility. They will be able to stay out later, but they will still need to keep their grades up, so they won’t be able to stay out too late. See what I mean?

There are plenty of ways of dealing with melancholy kids that doesn’t involved smothering them that can benefit both your relationship with them and their relationship with you.

Mediation is Important